MART2GLOBAL Disciplines

Our framed discipline management involves a transformational actions of linking core strategy
development and innovation processes.


In order to deliver IT product to our abroad customers as well as the customers in India, we have adopted highly flexible delivery models. Our models including onsite model, onshore model, off shore model and hybrid model are well defined delivery models which are designed to maintain quality during entire project development.

Onsite delivery model

The IT professionals from the team of MART2GLOBAL provide service for project development at client site.

Onshore delivery model

Project development activities are handled at offsite location by IT consultants of MART2GLOBAL.

Offshore delivery model (Global delivery model)

A specially formed team of skilled IT consultants interact with client to understand their requirement and perform all the developing activity as per client’s need. This model is specially designed for our clients in Canada, U.S.A, Austrralia and U.K.

Hybrid delivery model

Core objective to design hybrid delivery model is to address best execution of project with effective and economic way.

Global delivery model

The offshore outsourcing model for product delivery is highly satisfactory model not only to deliver the product but also to provide support to client.

It is virtual delivery model which is supported by capable offshore resources. Important is to choose associates for team who can dedicatedly work full time for the project with an ideal team spirit. The best amalgamation of skills within team is incorporated to attain best output for project. Team is always ready to work as per directions of clients and to resolve the queries.

The global delivery model is very successful delivery model that is supported by real time communication. They also take help of video conferencing, and conference calls. Messaging, instant e-mail and other web collaboration tools are also very useful to make successful the offshore delivery model. The remote access applications like Ammyy Admin, Anydesk and Teamviewer are real plaintiffs for the success of global delivery model.

The virtual pathway for global delivery model is practically followed by team under offshore collaboration methodologies to make it victorious as project out sourcing model.

  • Round the clock service
  • Single point of contact
  • Responsive communication
  • Cost-effective
  • time-honored business process
  • transparent and capable project handling
  • full support with web collaboration tools
  • special focused team for long duration projects
  • highly satisfactory model
  • greatly feasible deliver model
On-site delivery model

MART2GLOBAL has derived an effective On-site delivery model to cover up the need of client for different IT products in India and to provide on-site support for project execution. As per the requirement of particular kind of IT product like website designing, website developing, Application development as well as software development or other IT project in India. Our onsite delivery model is supported by on-site project staffing including experienced IT professionals and software developers. This model is also successful supporting post-deployment activities.

  • Consistent support
  • One-to-one interaction
  • Highly Focused on core objectives of business
  • Best for confidentiality of project
  • Execution as per client wish
  • Time-bound project execution
  • Cost-saving model
  • Immediate resolution of query
Hybrid Delivery Model

Leveraging on ability of highly qualified IT professionals, MART2GLOBAL also provides hybrid delivery model with the best combination of onsite, offsite and offshore delivery models to offer best suitable project execution as per client’s wish. It is designed keep in mind the cost effectiveness of project with best management of resources. Project is implemented at client’s site and following support is given with best web collaboration tools from our office.

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