eCommerce for Industrial Products

CRM for House Keeping

This web application is used to manage the staff details along with work, service, attendance and many more. A wide range of staff needs perfect management with respect to productivity as well as profitability.

It manages many workers working on different team leaders. Keeping records of all the employees is one of the major tasks it handles. This web application is most interactive platform to manage records and details of work and attendance of all the employees.

The order with client’s information and address is automatically passed to team leader working in the nearby area. On completion of the work, he will update status. His feedback on the site about the status of the order will remove the order details from the site.

It also keeps records of allotted work to each team. On completion of a task, it generates the report.

Developed with

PHP, Javascript


No other person than authority can use this facility. It contains a security portion to prevent misuse of software.


  • Keeps record of orders
  • Order description with address
  • SMS alert while Log in
  • report generation
  • attendance
  • Keep record for all the logged in entries
  • Keeps record of team leaders
  • Keeps record of workers


  • IT companies
  • Treading companies
  • Distributor
  • Retailers
  • Stockiest
  • Manufacturers