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About To Online Exam Portal (NEET/JEE)

This is an efficient mobile app that is developed to help students to prepare for their exams and to perform well with a good score. It’s testing maker app that helps students in self-study and practice for the examination like JEE and NEET.

It is designed to make student assess their knowledge of the subject matters on his/her own as per the format of the exam he or she is going to appear. The app contains facility to keep the record of the student and generates test paper accordingly. This is a highly interactive app that assists to upload taste papers and to define the date of reflection of test paper. A Student can access paper after payment with the easy registration process.

Date of the result will be declared on completion of test paper and the student will get result along with solution with the indicator.

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Test Paper

The App generates paper after registration of candidate.

Answer Sheet

On completion of exam, the student can check answers on his own with comparing correct solutions with indicator reflected online as per given date and time. The Student can also get detailed report on his/her true and false answers with an indicator. It helps the student to make him/her understand well about the topic, conceptually.


  • handles user profile
  • question bank management
  • real time report
  • generates Test Paper according to user profile
  • generates solution with indicator
  • easy payment gateway
  • easy to use


  • Educational institutes
  • coaching classes higher secondary
  • higher secondary schools


This portal has increased the professional value of my coaching class. My students easily learned the exam system. Parents are also happy with this system. Thanks, Global Websoft Pvt. Ltd. to handover the software as per my expectation. Also thanks for your support.
-- James Mathew

My students find it very supportive to practice the subject. Thanks, Global. It is really very helpful for these types of competitive exams. Now I can manage my teaching timetable satisfactorily. It is a prestigious asset for me. Thanks again.
-- Jawahar Sharma

Your software is a real peace of mind for me because it helps me to manage many things in limited time. Now I proudly say to parents of my students in my school and convince them to join the course. Thanks for providing me all the support to deploy and run the software in my time limit.
-- Bharat Joshi