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About To Order & Inventory for Billing Software for Jewellery Shop (Jewelry Store Management Software)

This multi tasking jewelry retail software is like an ideal manager who handles each and every business process efficiently. It has nothing left behind to manage the jewelry business. Also, it is ideally suitable to every business which needs to manage client, vendor, product, purchase, order, stock, payment and account along with invoice generation. This all in one software efficiently provide client management, vendor management, product management, purchase & sales management, stock management, order management and account management. It works on multiple levels to handle account in detail. It displays flow of amount with real time tracking and the status of banking procedure involved. It shows account statements and balance status. Tracking of payment history is also easy with this software.

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No other person than authority can use this software. This software contains a security portion to prevent its misuse.

Payment Gateway

An easy payment gateway facilitates clients to avail trouble-free and quick service.


  • Multiple Stock Locations
  • Store True Landed Costs
  • Mass Add/Edit Products
  • Link PDF, Word and Excel Files
  • Link Picture Files
  • Access Data, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Store Unlimited Products
  • Multiple Sales Unit Quantities
  • Multiple Purchase Unit Quantities
  • Multiple Descriptions
  • Multiple Comments
  • Multiple vendor
  • Multiple product Numbers
  • Multiple Part Numbers
  • Create Unlimited Price Lists
    • Full Purchase History
    • Full Sale History
    • Fast, Easy Product Search
    • Full Audit Trail
    • Serial/Batch Traceability
    • Dated Stock Valuations
    • Group Similar Products
    • Intelligent Min/Max Stock Calculations
    • inventory management
    • Product identification.
    • Inventory optimization.
    • Cost savings.
    • Increased efficiency.
    • Warehouse organization
    • safe stock inventory
    • easy integration
    • Reorder Point.
    • creation of purchase order
    • Create report
    • manage cash flow
    • Keep track record
    • Real-time tracking of inventory
    • Accurate Forecasting
    • fast deployment


  • Wholesaler
  • Service provider
  • Stockiest
  • Retailer
  • Manufacturers
  • Jewelers


My workers like the system after employing the order and inventory software for my show room. It is very helpful system to manage stock and generate bills. The company has efficiently hand over me the Automatic system. I am very happy with it.
-- Mili Shah

I find no problem in the system they employ at my shop. The global group members work patiently to run the software and also train our workers. They always answer about all the managing problems. Thank you Global.
-- Jagrut Kapadiya